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Angel Heart Bio- Trauma is a local Inland Empire company that was founded in 2020 by Johnny Carrera. Angel Heart offers Biohazard, Death, Trauma, and Crime Scene Cleanup Services in San Bernardino. Also, we provide emergency rapid response to all areas of the Inland Empire.


We are available to you 24/7/365. We have technicians on-call at all times, including late at night, on weekends, and even on holidays. For urgent requests, call 

Click to dial: (900)-246-0907.

 Your feedback is important to us because time matters, even if you smell something out of place or it just smells horrible and your not sure give us a call 


Biohazard Crime Scene Cleanup is expensive but you may be covered. Insurance pays in most cases and Angel Heart Bio-Trauma LLC waives your deductible so there’s no cost to you. However, when a job isn’t covered by insurance, we use sliding scale pricing to determine the cost. We consider several key factors.

Need to speak with a Qualified Crime Scene Cleaner

A Full Service Experience

Unattended Death Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup


Coronavirus cleanning

At Angel Heart Bio-Trauma, our goal is to help you when you cant just bear the sight of blood or have had a love one pass away, and you have to clean it on your own PLEASE STOPDON'T CLEAN IT

That's what we do. 

Our first priority is to help you ease the psychological, emotional stress caused by the trauma of seeing something none of us ever want to see, or think about . We help you figure who's going to help cleanup the scene after the police are gone and everyone's left but you to clean!

That is who we are Angel Heart Bio-Trauma will help you through that process of sanitizing, decontaminating, and freeing your home or business of any bio that you need removed with the highest levels of respect and service after an accident .

 We are dedicated in providing the highest level of discreetness to any situation. We work with insurance companies to insure little or no out-of-pocket cost to you and charge less than other companies because we are local here in the Inland Empire .

 We offer 24 hour rapid discrete response prepared to handle any blood or trauma situation, no matter the size or where its at, We'll get to it. 

Our company specialize in the field of decontamination, gross filth, blood, and that smell of biohazard environments as a result of tragic deaths, accidents and work place injuries. We can normally dispatch a team to your location within hours if you need prayer, spiritual guidance or a shoulder, hey were here for you give me a call.